Our Services

Promotion Management

Promote yourself with team coledra’s supervision to reach your target customers effectively that could make the most conversions.

Do your customer know you and your product?

If you want to do well in business you have to make your presence online effectively and efficiently. Remember the mantra “जो दीखता है वही बिकता है”. To showcase yourself you need experts who manage your online reputation and reach.

We do it effectively by investing your capital wisely and in appropriate platform. Trust us with your brand and we will bring you results that are beyond imagination.



PPC Campaign Strategy

Pay Per Click campaign management is as important as paying money to ad platform you going to use.

Creative ad Planning

In the trend of online presence look matters the most. Your ads need to be creative and expressive to customers.

Follow Your Customers Everywhere

Be present on every ad platform that can get you your customers. Be with our experts to stay connected to world.

Keyword Research and Selection

Using the right keyword helps you reach your customers more frequently and that made them know you better.

Ad Conversion Tracking

Spend effectively to get more in return than you spent. Pay for the particular reason you want to publish the ad.


We ensure that you invest on ads that most likely to convert, rather than throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.