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To explore your creative side and enhance your skill be a part of Coledra. We belive that success starts with the right people, who with their passion can create value for our customers. 

Career at Coledra

Coledra Digital is built on strong social media experience and customers’ faith in us. And we as a company always maintain career growth, professional and personal growth within our culture for our people, their experience, digital creativity of their ideas and the practicality of their solutions will help us to make 100% deliverable for our customers. Be a part of the Coledra’s team ! Explore a career path that will expand your digital skills and expertise !

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Teams & Open Roles


App Developement

WordPress Developement

Hybrid App Developement


UX/UI Team

Prototype Experts

Branding Analyst

Digital Marketing

Digital Media Startegiest

SEO Experts

Google Certified Ads Experts

Perks & Benefits

Coledra belive in Skill developments and cutting edge technology learnings for our associates to grow in industry to be future ready.

Other facilities like Internships, flexi work timings, leave policy and leadership technology workshops within the company are relatively well organised.

Skill Developments

Our indusrty priorities depends on the cutting-edge technology for future ready.

Targeted Bonus Program

Team Coledra belive in rewards & recognitions, that will leads to grow personally and professionally.

Competitive Salary

The salary structures will make you grow better in finacial need as well as professional journey.

Daily Snacks

We don’t belive in the proverb “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. Casual breaks  are key colaboration of our business.

Health Care

Provisions of health care in our company to make you stay healthy and work efficiently. 

Annual Company Trip

Collaborations and relations within the team enhanced with our outing programs.

Life Inside Our Office

Coldera aren’t just a marketing company. It provide an opportunity for our team member to experiment and learn. We are continually looking for talented, creative and goal-oriented professionals

Because at Coledra we want to see you grow. Our mission is not only help our customers business and make more sales, but also create a relationship and brand in in longer run.